Saturday, July 23, 2011

I fucking hate this town! I am gonna freak out... the landlord thinks our cooler is working just fine?  WTF???????????????????????  I cannot keep the sweat from dripping down my back in my own home.  It is making my physically ill.  I am a total bitch right now and can't even get out of it b/c it's so hot in here.  Mama B isn't answering my fucking txts...or my calls...Does she know how much she makes me worry by doing this?  I swear I'm going to explode all over the place.  Fuck this street I live on.  Fuck this fucking malfunctioning town.  Fuck not having money to do anything or get away.  The people on this street are going to wear me down so bad I'm gonna lose it...

Friday, July 22, 2011

My first blog ever!

I'm not real sure where this is gonna go or what it might turn in to, but I think it's time that I start blogging.  Even if no one ever sees what I will be somewhere to lay some burdens down and share the giddiness of life, of MY life.  the wonderful life of a Borderline Personality girl!